Breezin’, George Benson, Guitar Cover, Jake Reichbart

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Welcome to my My 373rd solo guitar video on YouTube! After YEARS (ok, two weeks…) of delay, here it finally is, the mellowest of all jazz standards ever, Breezin’, by George Benson, originally recorded by Gabor Szabo and, in fact, written by Bobby Womack. I didn’t always like this tune, at the time I was exposed to it, right around 82’, I was listening heavily to Allan Holdsworth’s IOU album. I mean, on one side you have Breezin’ and on the other you have Shallow Sea, not quite the same thing… And yet, over time, I have learned to appreciate the spirit of Breezin’ and I enjoy performing it on gigs, I hope you enjoy this video as well. Thanks for listening, Jake.