Africa (Toto) fingerstyle guitar arrangement

Africa (Toto) fingerstyle guitar arrangement

"Africa" is a hit single by rock band Toto, and is one of the band's most recognizable songs. "Africa" was included on their '82 album Toto IV, and reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in February '83. 

The song was written by the band's keyboardist/vocalist David Paich and drummer Jeff Porcaro.

At the time that this song became a fingerstyle standard on YouTube, some 7 years ago, I have already been playing my own arrangement as you see it here for at least 10 years...

When I saw how it took off with guitarists, I was faced with the dilemma of whether to follow others and post my arrangement, or do my own thing with other songs.

Seeing that my one-of-a-kind cool arrangements of "Like a Virgin", "Synchronicity II", "99" and many others are still languishing in YouTube obscurity, it seems choosing the latter option was a big mistake, LOL! Anyway, it's all good, time to finally post my own version. Enjoy, like, comment and subscribe. Thanks! Jake

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