Christmas Time Is Here, Vince Guaraldi - fingerstyle guitar arrangement

Christmas Time Is Here, Vince Guaraldi

In all the time I've been posting guitar videos on YouTube for the past 5+ years (there are some 250 of them, take a few days and check them out!), I have apparently never posted a Christmas tune... .

With days remaining before Christmas, I am correcting this situation with one of the most beautiful of them all, "Christmas Time Is Here" by the great Vince Guaraldi.

I hope you like it and I wish you a great holiday season. As always, please "like", share, comment, and above all, enjoy!

Vince Guaraldi arranged for fingerstyle guitar

Vincent Anthony "Vince" Guaraldi (born Vincent Anthony Dellaglio; July 17, 1928 – February 6, 1976) was an American jazz musician and pianist noted for his innovative compositions and arrangements and for composing music for animated adaptations of the Peanuts comic strip.

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