What a Fool Believes - fingerstyle guitar - Doobie Brothers

What a Fool Believes - fingerstyle guitar

What a Fool Believes, Doobie Brothers, Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins - fingerstyle guitar arrangement.

Welcome to my weekly solo guitar video! What a Fool Believes. This one is very special for me: although a great 70's song I have loved forever, I have avoided trying to arrange it for a long time.

By the nature of my style, I tend to throw arrangements together, playing the melody, then adding chords, bass and rhythm that are just good enough to make it work. I rarely transcribe all the parts and put them together like the great Adam Rafferty, for example, just not my thing... But I always felt that this song is one of the handful in which all the "little parts" are really essential to the song. And so I'm finally presenting here an arrangement that, while is far from including all those parts, is at least a step in that direction and now I can finally play and enjoy it.

"What a Fool Believes" is a song written by Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins. The best-known version was recorded by The Doobie Brothers (with McDonald singing lead vocals) for their 1978 album Minute by Minute. Bowing at #73 on 20 January 1979, the single reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 on 14 April 1979 for one week. "What a Fool Believes" received Grammy Awards in 1980 for both Song of the Year and Record of the Year.

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