Brazil - Aquarela do Brasil - fingerstyle guitar

Brazil - Aquarela do Brasil - fingerstyle guitar

Welcome to my 476th solo guitar video on YouTube, Brazil! The decision to play this was pretty random as I am on a two-song-long streak of “country“ songs, LOL, last week Spain, this week this. Who knows what next week will bring… It’s also an opportunity to feature some of my amplifiers. The absurd thing is that I don’t even use any of these anymore. My current main amplifiers are a Boss Katana 100, as well as two Acoustic amplifiers an AG60 and an AG30, plus a pair of powered speakers to throw more sound if and when needed. In addition I have a pair of Crate Limo 50W and a nice Peavey Bandit 65 that is permanently hooked up to my Fender Rhodes piano, and which sounds great! I also have several speaker cabinets off to the side. Time to liquidate some of these?

From Wikipedia: Ary Barroso wrote "Aquarela do Brasil" in early 1939, when he was prevented from leaving his home one rainy night due to a heavy storm. Its title, a reference to watercolor painting, is a clear reference to the rain. He also wrote "Três lágrimas" (Three Teardrops) on that same night, before the rain ended. Describing the song in an interview to Marisa Lira, of the newspaper Diário de Notícias, Barroso said that he wanted to "free the samba away from the tragedies of life, of the sensual scenario already so explored". According to the composer, he "felt all the greatness, the value and the wealth of our land", reliving "the tradition of the national panels". Initially, he wrote the first chords, which he defined as "vibrant", and a "plangent of emotions". The original beat "sang on [his] imagination, highlighting the sound of the rain, on syncope beats of fantastic tambourins". According to him, "the rest came naturally, music and lyrics at once". He declared to have felt like another person after writing the song.

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