Synchronicity II

Synchronicity II - The police - Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitar Arrangement

Welcome to my 454th solo guitar video on YouTube, "Synchronicity II" by The Police. This is a bit of a unique post among my videos in that I already posted an arrangement of this song during my earliest days on YouTube some 10 years ago. There are a small handful of such arrangements that I thought I could improve on in terms of the arrangement itself, execution and tone.


Still, that old arrangement stood all these years as the only fingerstyle arrangement on YouTube of this song - as far as I can tell by searching... Also, I am on a semi-trip of Sting music as last week I posted a fingerstyle arrangement of "The Windmills of Your Mind" which he did as the theme from "The Thomas Crown Affair" , the 1999 version. Anyway, as I'm working towards a goal of 500 solo guitar videos on YouTube, I think I will incorporate the acoustic more. Thanks and enjoy, Jake Please consider purchasing my music and guitar video lessons so I can make a living and continue to record these free performances for your listening pleasure. Here's how:

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