The Summer Knows

The Summer Knows, Summer of '42 (Main Theme), Michel Legrand, solo guitar by Jake Reichbart

Welcome to my 424th solo fingerstyle guitar on YouTube, The Summer Knows, by the genius that is Michel Legrand. To my few, but loyal fans: I have worked hard in the past few weeks to “jazz up” (yikes with that phrase but it makes the point) my videos by talking, shooting outdoors, etc. You, the few, loved it for which I thank you! However, there are no signs that this has done anything to increase organic views on YouTube. Neither has my choice of more popular songs....

Since posting in the old format takes me about an hour and a half, while the new format approaches four hours, and since no discernible difference occurred, I am returning to the old format and more importantly, I am posting tunes I really love, popular or not. Kindly subscribe, share, comment and please consider supporting me by purchasing my video lessons so I can continue to post weekly videos of the guitar arrangements we all love.

Thanks, Jake

Tags: fingerstyle, arrangement