People, Barbra Streisand, Solo Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

People, Barbra Streisand, Solo Fingerstyle Guitar

While I love arranging and performing for solo guitar a variety of pop, rock, funk and jazz standards, I’m also a sucker for “pretty” songs… Here is “People” by Barbara Streisand.

“People” by Barbara Streisand, is a great tune that is written up in fake books and which has been covered by jazz greats (Ellington, Wes, Ella, Eddie Harris...) and yet you rarely see/hear in everyday gigs. How come? Anyway, for my version, I lifted most of the elements from the original Streisand recording, including the key, most chord changes, the general style and even the slow-down occurring while playing the tag to the end. Everything was so perfect already I just needed to find a way to put it on the guitar... :-) Please "like", share, comment, and above all, enjoy!

Tags: pop