Desafinado - Jobim fingerstyle arrangement

Desafinado - Jobim fingerstyle guitar arrangement

"Desafinado", a Portuguese word (usually rendered as "Out of Tune", or as "Off Key"), is the title of a bossa nova song composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim with lyrics by Newton Mendonça.

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There is a proper, traditional way of playing Brazilian guitar and I'm the first to admit I don't know how to do it, I wish I did. Nevertheless, as I've been hooked on the sound of Bossa Nova meets jazz guitar since I first heard Joe Pass playing "Meditation" (off the album "Intercontinental"), I have dedicated a significant portion of my study and performance time to these Jobim classics. Perhaps I can't play them the "right" way, but as with all the other covers I do, I can play them "my" way... Please "like", share, comment, and above all, enjoy! If you have a second, please go over to the video at YouTube itself and like it there as well, I appreciate it.

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