Estate: fingerstyle guitar arrangement

Estate - Bruno Martino: fingerstyle guitar arrangement

Estate (Summer) is an Italian song written in 1960 by Bruno Martino. A minor hit in Italy when released, it eventually became a worldwide jazz standard largely through its interpretation by João Gilberto.

The title refers to summer, and the lyrics describe a love lost during summer and the bitter memories that come with the season ever since. The song was originally titled (and the lyric sung) "Odio l'estate" ("I Hate the Summer").

Three sets of English-language lyrics have been written, one titled "Maybe This Summer" recorded by Peggy Lee (1965), one titled "Estate" (Summer) by Joel E. Siegel for Shirley Horn (1987), and the other titled "In Summer" by Jon Hendricks (1990).-

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Notable versions

  • Joao Gilberto - Amoroso (Warner Bros., 1977)
  • Michel Petrucciani - Estate (IRD, 1982)
  • Chet Baker Trio, Crystal Bells/Estate, (Igloo Records - LDH Records, 1983)
  • Joe Pass - Whitestone (Pablo, 1985)
  • Shirley Horn - I Thought About You (Verve, 1987)
  • Roseanna Vitro - Softly (Concord Jazz, 1993)
  • Plácido Domingo - Encanto del Mar (Sony Classical, 2014)

In case you don't know the song, here it is, sung by the author Bruno Martino

Sei calda come il bacio che ho perduto
Sei piena di un amore che è passato
Che il cuore mio vorrebbe cancellare

Odio l'estate
Il sole che ogni giorno ci scaldava
Che splendidi tramonti dipingeva
Adesso brucia solo con furor

Tornerà un altro inverno
Cadranno mille petali di rose
La neve coprirà tutte le cose
E forse un po' di pace tornerà

Odio l'estate
Che ha dato il suo profumo ad ogni fiore
L'estate che ha creato il nostro amore
Per farmi poi morire di dolor

Odio l'estate

You are as hot as the kisses, that I have lost
You are filled with a love, that is over
That my heart would like to erase

(I hate the) Summer
The sun, that warmed us every day
That painted beautiful sunsets
Now only burns with fury

There will come another winter
Thousands of rose petals will fall
The snow will cover all
And perhaps a little peace will return

That gave its perfume to every flower
The summer, that created our love
To let me now die of pain


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