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Get Lucky - Daft Punk

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned in passing that I play Get Lucky as a solo guitar arrangement just for fun, kind in between the more "serious" pieces I play. This has apparently sparked riots in several big cities with people demanding I post this arrangement... So here ya go.

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Pat Metheny Fingerstyle guitar

Dream of the Return - Pat Metheny Group

How can Pat Metheny be only 60? His musical output is as if he's been around for 200 years... One of the greatest guitarists and composers ever, Happy Birthday! I arrange many of his tunes for solo guitar, here is one of them, check it out.

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Boogie On Reggae Woman - Fingerstyle guitar

Boogie On Reggae Woman

I'm on a deep Stevie Wonder trip! Here is a solo fingerstyle guitar arrangement for "Boogie On Reggae Woman".
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