Comins Ibanez In recent years, performing and arranging for solo guitar has become the main focus of my work as a guitarist. The main purpose, therefore, of this website is to provide you with links to my many video performances on my YouTube channel, my instructional DVDs and downloadable lessons, and other lessons currently available with Hal Leonard Publishing as well as Mike's Master Classes. The vast majority of these lessons are sharply focused on arranging for solo guitar with my “flagship” downloadable video lessons “How To Arrange Any Song For Solo Guitar” and "An Introduction to Fingerstyle Guitar and Solo Guitar Arranging" as well as almost 200 additional full length song-specific arrangement lessons. For in-depth info click on the “Videos & Guitar Lessons” tab above.

Having said that, you'll still find plenty information and links to my work with prog-rock band THEO, fusion band FourFusion, the The Gwenyth Hayes Band, the Brad McNett duo, trio and quartet as well as many additional projects, recordings and collaborations I’m involved with. There are links to my performance schedule, booking information (look at the bottom right of the page) and, of course, info on music sales, CDs as well as downloads – please just look through the various tabs and buttons. Blog style posts and news updates will be posted in the modules below. Feel free to email me jake.reichbart@gmail.com with any questions or requests.

John Coltrane - Fingerstyle Guitar

Moment's Notice, John Coltrane

It's been fun, in the past few weeks, to post solo guitar arrangements of pop, hard rock and even electronic tunes (see videos on this page). However, now it's time to get back to what's real, jazz improvisation and classic jazz standards. Here is my interpretation of "Moment's Notice" by the great John Coltrane. As always, please "like", share, comment, and above all, enjoy!

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New Kid in Town, The Eagles - fingerstyle guitar arrangement

New Kid in Town, The Eagles

"New Kid in Town", written by Don Henley, Glenn Frey and J.D. Souther, is a song by the Eagles, from their 1976 album Hotel California arranged for fingerstyle guitar! Enjoy and share!

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Daft Punk Fingersyle Guitar

"One More Time" - Daft Punk!!

My kids have been complaining that they don't know any of the songs I play because they are "too old" (the songs, not the kids...). So here you are, my little darlings! Click HERE to see/hear the video on YouTube.

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New Facebook fan page!!

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