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There are a TON of lessons, prepare to scroll...! :-) All lessons are available as downloads! I do not have an online store - Email me directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for all the info. If absolutely necessary I can offer DVDs shipped but only in the US. Again, please email me for all the info. Thanks!

General method lessons:

1) How To Arrange Any Song For Solo Guitar, whatever song-specific lessons you intend to purchase, this unique 2-hour lesson will help you with any and all solo guitar arrangements, click here for a free sample: Jake Reichbart DVD Lesson Excerpts: How To Arrange Any Song For Solo Guitar

2) An Introduction to Fingerstyle Guitar and solo guitar arranging, this brand new, 2020, monster lesson (two hours and 40 minutes) is the companion to the above “How to Arrange lesson”. While the former focuses heavily on harmony, this new lesson approaches the fingerstyle aspect in great depth with many examples and exercises. A PDF index/content for both lessons is available, just ask! Click right here for a lengthy free sample: An introduction to fingerstyle guitar and solo guitar arranging

3) The Jake Reichbart Guide to Chord Substitutions, another monster lesson running 2 hours and 45 minutes new for 2022! See lengthy sample here. Pretty much all the concepts I use are taught in great detail with song examples in these main 6 categories:

- Color notes
- Diatonic substitutions
- Secondary dominants
- 7th chords based off the diminished, altered and whole-tone scales
- Slash chords
- "Just do it"

4) Drop Chords For Guitar, Inversions and "Slot System", The Complete Guide! Yet another massively informative 2 hour and 30 minute lesson, see lengthy excerpt here. In this lesson:

- Chord properties: Quality, inversion and voicing
- Closed voicings vs open voicings
- From closed voicing to Drop 2
- Drop 3, drop 2+3, drop 2+4
- How to invert *anything" on the guitar, chords, non-chords or partial chords
- The "Slot System" - from drop chords to *any* type of chord
- How to practice
- Musical examples

5) Lead electric blues guitar, 90 min., based on my guitar work on the accompanying CD to the Hal Leonard book Bass Grooves: The Ultimate Collection by Jon Liebman

6) Lead Jazz Guitar, The Art of Phrasing with Rhythmic Figures and Patterns. If you know scales, arpeggios and chords but somehow can't quite seem to put together a satisfying solo, this video lesson will show you how. An hour and 20 minutes.Intermed/Adv.

7) A jazz harmony for the guitar, intermediate/advanced, in-depth study of "drop" chords, diminished harmony for 7th chords and much more!

Song-Specific arrangement lessons:

In these lessons I go over the arrangements very slowly and in great closeup. The lessons are very informative and are designed not only to show what I do in any particular song, but also to show how I got there and how you can create your own, plus countless other tips and techniques. Each lesson may also go in depth into one or more unique topic that make a particular arrangement stand out. Most of the lessons are also beautifully produced in widescreen, the most recent in HD. The list below is hyper-linked, Click on the the lesson title in gold to see the performance video to which the DVD relates.

Here are some free lesson samples:

Available titles: There are a TON of them, make sure to scroll all the way down and to click on the song title in gold to see my YouTube performances of the songs, the text is hyperlinked. The titles below are arranged in categories, some artists have their own, such as the Beatles or Steely Dan, others are listed in a general style category, i.e. Classic Rock or R&B/Soul, Bossa Nova, etc. Again, click right on the titles to see the YouTube performance videos:

Stevie Wonder:


Steely Dan+


Straight ahead Jazz


Pat Metheny

Classic Rock

Soft Rock/Pop/Themes/Instrumentals/blues, etc… 

R&B, Soul, Funk, Smooth Jazz, classic and contemporary

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